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Academy of St. Martin in the Fields
Chamber Ensemble
Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet
Brentano String Quartet
Chamber Music Society of
Lincoln Center
Elias String Quartet
David Finckel, cello & Wu Han, piano
Daniel Hope, violin
Jerusalem Quartet
Prazak Quartet
St. Lawrence String Quartet



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“Thoroughly engaging...a warm, mellow, burnished sound that never hinted at stridency even during the most intense passages.”

“Riveting...a thrilling, knife-edge exactitude.”

“Definitive may be the most overused adjective in the critic's vocabulary, but no other single word more aptly describes the achievement by this superb foursome.”
- Chicago Tribune

“The Prazak's performance was authentic to the marrow.”
- Houston Chronicle

“You rarely hear it [Janacek's 2nd Quartet] performed the way the Prazak played it, but then they are Czech, as was Janacek. It had the emotional immediacy of something torn from his life, pain and pleasure intensified by selective memory. Other versions of it by great quartets are cool by comparison.”

“Urgent and visceral, a grab at your sleeve...It's hard to imagine Janacek disapproving of an interpretation so searingly intense and ardent.”
-Vancouver Sun

“This ensemble is now in the top echelon of its kind.”

“The Prazak Quartet's account of Beethoven's first Rasumovsky, on Thursday, was stunningly good—virile, gripping and absolutely satisfying.”
-The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

“A tone that was warm and shapely yet sufficiently crystalline to allow the textures and individual lines to be savored. It was the kind of virtuosity that does not call attention to itself, but leaves a listener feeling secure that the music is in capable hands….
A hotblooded, richly textured reading.”
--The New York Times

“Performed with mastery and the freedom that comes with deep identification with the music….
Luminous and opulent....the members perform rhapsodically and flamboyantly but in absolutely effortless synchronicity with one another….
Often the music took on a three-dimensional physicality....Clearly this is a quartet you can trust.”
--Philadelphia Inquirer

“The Prazak explored every expressive corner of the piece. Janacek's explosive episodes rarely have sounded more vibrant or unsettling....The vehemence and poetry the Prazak brought to the score made this an engrossing experience….
Bold, sweet and always imaginative, the Prazak honored the piece [Beethoven Op. 131] as the splendidly varied journey it is when inspired musicians put minds and hearts together.”
--The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

“Outstanding...Extraordinary...A vivid and moving experience….A compelling performance….An exceptional evening of music-making.”
--The Dallas Morning News

“Near ideal.”
--BBC Music Magazine

“The Prazak plays with the great tonal warmth and beauty of the Guarneri, the huge dynamic range of the Alben Berg, [and] the superb intonation of the old Quartetto Italiano.”

“A warmth that recalled the proximity of coffee house and concert hall in the old Austro-Hungarian empire.”
-- The Strad

“The Prazak's excellent sense of rhythm and meticulous attention to dynamics is allied to a high level of musical understanding….beautifully poised…splendid.”
- -Gramophone

“Poetic…powerful…It was the kind of performance that grabbed you by the collar and refused to behave.”
--Los Angeles Times

“Every challenge, technical and stylistic, was met and conquered as one by the Czech ensemble, which received a standing ovation.”
--Denver Post

“The performance was Electrifying…The playing was brilliant and impassioned, giving us chamber music at its best.”
--Evening Post , Wellington, NZ

“Singularly compelling.”
--San Francisco Chronicle

“They touched the heart constantly”
-- De Telegraaf , Amsterdam