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Now booking for North America
October 25 - November 4, 2018

In his program “Air – A Baroque Journey” Daniel Hope and an ensemble of five virtuoso collaborators will trace the evolution of the violin during one of its most dynamic periods of development.  Playing on modern instruments with baroque bows, they will reveal the incredible wealth of diversity on display during these exciting years of discovery and experimentation. 


Daniel will utilize his singular gifts of communication by introducing each work from the stage and illuminating the many interconnections between the composers, and the times in which they worked.

The program, taken from his Deutsche Grammophon album of the same name, will include music by composers both familiar (Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, Telemann) and obscure (Falconieri, von Westhoff, Matteis, and Uccelini), but all of the music will be woven into the narrative of how musicians and composers traveled widely to gain inspiration and exchange ideas – some of the earliest examples of “crossover”!

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David Rowe Artists

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